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What are your products made of?

All of our products are made with a high quality resin. We don't use any cheap resin fillers which can compromise durability.


What type of lighting do your pieces use?

Our light up pieces use LED's. They are set up for 12 volt DC. They can be wired up to a power supply or even batteries.


What paint finishes do you offer?

We offer multiple finishes: Antique Silver, Brass, Wrought Iron and Genuine Rust. Every one of our pieces can be ordered in any of the finishes we offer. Some of our products have a finish that is specific to that particular piece. Our products are available Unfinished and/or Unlit if you're building on a budget.

Antique Silver


Wrought Iron

Genuine Rust

AntiqueSilverHinge AntiqueBrasshinge wroughtironhinge Rustfreezerhandle





How do I install your products?

Our pieces can be installed with screws to make them easy to remove for temporary or permanent installations. Screws should only be snugged by hand, no power tools. They can also be glued in place if your wall material won’t accept screws, or you could even glue on a magnet for metal walls and surfaces. All of our pieces utilize the original holes or an added discrete hole for mounting.


How durable are your products?

While tough, they can be broken if struck hard enough. Simply by their shape some pieces are more robust than others. For example, a flat light switch on a wall can handle being hit more easily than a freezer handle. When selecting a location for your parts, try to keep them out of high impact areas and places your patrons may bump into them.


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